A good body helps you not only in having a better look, it also helps you to a great deal to leave a solid impression on the girls as well. This is one of the prime reasons why most of you spend hours in gym to have a better build up and a solid body. But in order to have a better body, you also need to have some additional supplements in addition to your food.

Dwayne Johnson who is a very popular actor in Hollywood and also a part time wrestler is quite heavily renowned for his great body and there are many of you who are aspired by his great physique and personality. Sometimes, these celebrities also get to use some supplements that can get them in some heavy problems and there was also a speculation of Dwayne Johnson arrested because of these supplements.

But it all turned out to be more of a publicity stunt and the drugs were completely safe and sound. Here is one of the most popular supplements that is used by celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson:

Formula T-10:

Formula T-10 is one of the most popular body building supplements that is being used by the celebrities for having a bulkier built. The supplement not only helps you to a great deal in burning more calories it also helps you to get a steely body by providing you with the vitamins that helps in making you stronger. The supplement is also very effective when it comes to removing the toxic substances and oxidizing the body from within. The medicine is also known for removing fatigue from the body and making you energized throughout the body which is why you can see celebrities like Dwayne Johnson being able to work for such a tiring schedule and also being able to devote the time required in the gym with ease and aplomb.

But it doesn’t mean that you can easily get a better body just by having these supplements as you also need to devote some good time in doing physical exercise to have a celebrity like personality. Here are some of the popular exercises that will help you to have a body like Dwayne Johnson:

Bench press with dumbbell:

This is one of the most popular fitness regimes that you need to follow just in order to develop a better physique on the upper body. It helps you in developing not only your biceps but also helps to a great deal on the chest and triceps. You can begin with 10 presses a day because it will take marathon efforts to reach the level of The Rock who does 50 for fun.

 Cable crossover:

This is another very important exercise when you want to have biceps which match up to the Baywatch star and helps you especially in having strong shoulders. It is also very helpful to make you more agile and flexible and at the same time increases your strength as well to have a similar look to some of the famous celebrities.

Tips That Will Make It Easier To Have A Dominating Physique And Make A Solid Impression On Everyone