Points to taken into account:

  • The level of physical activeness among children is very low.
  • A few percent of the whole population of children dedicate their time to practice sports, playing games, and taking classes educating them about the importance of physical activity.
  • The use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets is spreading widely among children.
  • According to researchers, in the United States, About 1/3 of all children are obese or overweight.
  • Overweight children are prone to develop obesity or remain overweight during their adulthood.

Parents can be the role model for their child to involve in any physical activity which makes them healthy and promises their good health for upcoming life.
1. Discuss with the doctor of your child:
The doctor of your child makes your child more aware of the significance and benefits of engaging in physical activity. The doctor can also recommend an appropriate sports game for your child.
2. Search a fun filled activity:
Get to know about the taste of your child and then search for a suitable physical activity that your child will enjoy to do. It will be preferable and more fun if the whole family will indulge in that activity. This element will bind everyone and love also will promise the child to keep on doing that activity regularly. This will also keep the whole family fit and healthy.
3. Think a little extra for your child:
Think about the proper time which suits your child the most to do physical activity. Think about the provision of a comfortable place for your child where he or she could engage in physical activity.
4. Provide a secure environment:
You need to assure that the equipment and the site selected for playing or physical activity are safe.
5. Get your child some good toys:
Provision of children with beneficial and active toys will make playing more interesting and even healthier. Examples of which include ropes for skipping, balls, bats, etc.
6. Set an example by yourself:
Children learn from their parents and get easily inspired by their acts. Therefore, be their super hero/heroine and set some good example by doing a healthy physical activity.
7. Engage yourself in playing with him or her:
In this way, your child will be able to spend a considerable time with you too.
8. Switch off the electronics:
Excessive watching of television and playing senseless games on the computer is the leading factors causing the children of today to become overweight and obese. Therefore, limit the use of such gadgets by switching them off for a while. Rather, allow your child to observe nature and think a little more in a different way by exploring and discovering new things by going outside.
9. Help your child with managing the time:
Some children are too much overburdened with music lessons, assignments, and other projects that it becomes difficult for them to spend some time in any other activity. Here, parents should help their children to manage time for dedicating it towards some healthy physical activity.

Encourage And Motivate Your Child With These Suggestions To Be Physically Active