Transpersonal psychology relates a spiritual and transcendental aspect of our experiences to modern psychology. This field of psychology signifies the importance spiritual with our mental and physical health, identifying relationship between three facets of health

Our day-to-day experiences, interactions, and understandings make us learn, ponder and think how our spirits can be a force, determining our many decisions, actions, and ultimate goals. We feel instant connections with strangers or feel things are bad for us when rationally everything seems right. We could all owe to the spiritual aspect of our being.

Body-Mind-Spirit Connections

Spiritual health has been regarded as an aspect of our overall health as evident by the health definition stated by WHO (World Health Organisation).

What does it mean to be “Spiritually Healthy”?

Every individual has different ways to attain spiritual health. For some, it could means connecting to Supreme Power through power and meditation, while some find philanthropy as their food for the soul while some others may find it in solitude.

It is important to practice things we find peace in for growth and self-improvement.

6 Benefits of Spiritual Practice

These spiritual practices should be done daily to achieve a sound spirit.

  1. Part of our overall health, when spirit is unwell, our mind and body is unwell

Try repeating the action on a daily basis which makes you feel peaceful and calm. That can be fulfilling your religious duties by joining a choir or reading Bible or going to Sunday sermons, thinking in solitude, meditating or simply serving mankind.

  1. Improves health, personal growth, relationships and leads to self-actualization.

Spiritual practices give you composure, calmness, and tranquility. These attributes give you mental freedom from anxieties and restlessness, makes you thoughtful towards others in your life. It makes you a better human, better partner, better child and a better parent. It teaches us quietness and stillness, which helps us ponder on ourselves and overcome our shortcomings.

  1. Spiritual practices are backed by research

Spiritual health gaining tools and practices have proven to be helpful in finding life purpose. They are scientifically proven ways to attain complete health. Mindfulness, prayer, and meditation all help us gain spirituality, they feed our soul and give us peace of heart and mind.

  1. Every trauma is a spiritual wound, and spiritual healing can heal us whole

It is always recommended to go through required psychological therapies after a mental, emotional or even a physical trauma. We know the importance of psychological health, and now it is time to understand the importance of spiritual healing. It provides us emotional strength.

  1. It not only makes us healthier but help us grow

Spiritual practices give us calmness and stillness, and this, in turn, helps us to be aware and stay conscious of our surroundings. It makes us look into ourselves, and we see ourselves not as an individual but a part of divine nature that encompasses everything this word contains.

  1. Daily spiritual practices is a path to joy

We love in a world of short-lived happiness, and we are happy when we are enjoying the moment but as the moment ends we are left with the uneasy feeling in our heart. The reason for this is because we are looking for temporary feelings. Spirituality leads to happiness and peace that stays.

Spirituality doesn’t mean you have to act like a monk or priest, peaceful heart and mind is what we should aim for through these spiritual practices.

6 Benefits Of Daily Spiritual Practices